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Relive the story of the birth of the Cooperative Winery La Vendémiaire of Fleury and Salles d'Aude

The history of La Vendémiaire

This is in the early 1900's that the small producers of the country formed an alliance to develop a force and a social cohesion in order to deal with the large farms. Their desire to band together made rapidly room to the creation of the first cooperative wineries in 1913. Even today, the cooperative wineries represent an important social benefit but also a huge economical, technological and human progress.

The birth of La Vendémiaire

The cooperative winery of FLEURY-SALLES was founded in 1936 – 1937 and opened their doors during the grape harvests in 1938 and was called LA VENDEMIAIRE. The cooperative winery was created thanks to the efforts of winegrowers from the villages of Fleury d'Aude and Salles d'Aude, both united around the president, Léopold Canal, and established on the territory of the township of Fleury.

This exceptional alliance contributes to the wealth and the diversity of a supply ensured by winemakers with passion. The wine cellar remained independent and counts nowadays no less than 185 members and produces an average of 70 000 hectoliters every year on a 1000 hectares territory. This development of the production led to steady quality efforts in order to select only the best grapes and thus to express all the typicality and authenticity of its terroirs.

Today, the cooperative winery of Fleury-Salles has evolved considerably. The replacement of old and very productive varieties of wines by new ones; more restrictive but much more aromatic; has modified the production into a wine quality on a name of La Clape and a type of wine from Pays d'Oc. Thanks to its wide and diverse range which is moreover very much appreciated by visitors, La Vendémiaire is known as a key reference of the quality and know-how of great southern France wines.