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Enter the world and soak up the philosophy of the Cooperative Winery La Vendémiaire of Fleury and Salles d'Aude, where the watchwords are solidarity, innovation and quality

"A way of life to share"

The cooperative winery of La Vendemiaire has always remained true to the spirits of its founders. The key idea of this cooperative winery has always been to combine all the forces and potentiality of everyone in oder to optimise a production system. All the wine makers are cooperative partners who emerge a real notion of cohesion, maintained by the President Manu Martinez and supported himself by Hugues Banon, Director of the cooperative.
Both wanted to estabish an economic, social and environmental model based in particular on a solidarity, innovation and quality spirit. All the staff of La Vendémiaire, who are implicated in this Excellence Project, support this spirit that is possible to find in the provided products and expresses through simple and universal values such as sharing, friendliness, simplicity and authenticity.

La Vendémiaire and its unique wines

Born in calcareous soil, harvested by expert wine makers and then produced under the strict rules of production, the wines of partners of La Vendémiaire exhale the perfum of the wetlands. Born from the will of wine makers from Fleury d'Aude and Salles d'Audes, the cooperative winery of La Vendémiaire is dedicated to offer a selection of unique wines. From the range IGP d'Oc to the AOP Coteaux du Languedoc, La Vendémiaire offers nectars produced from the best plots of the Massif de La Clape, a site listed and preserved which majestically dominates the sea. The wine makers are producing wines to taste for the pleasure of being together through which we can find this spirit of solidarity and sharing that is so typical of the cooperative winery.