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The Terroir

Emblematic soil of Languedoc, the Massif of Clape gives the wines of the Cooperative Winery La Vendémiaire of Fleury d'Aude Salles all their singularity

La Clape, a historic soil

This is in the largest natural area situated in the Languedoc-Roussillon region called the Massif de la Clape, that La Vendémiaire 's wines are produced and aged with great care. Formerly called « Insula laci» due to its many lakes, the Massif de la Clape is situated at the gates of Narbonne and its name derives from the Occitan language which means « pile of stones ». Considered as a truly historic soil, Jules César rewarded it to some legionnaires of his troop who planted vines on the hillsides. The red wines represent the majority of the production. However, its particularity roots in its white wine with its relatively common grape variety called “bourboulenc”.

A privileged place

The vineyard of La Vendémiaire 's cooperative winery enjoys an exceptionnal priviledged place situated between sea and scrublands on the one hand and wetlands of l'Aude on the other hand. Overlooking the sea, the different grape varieties such as bourboulenc, grenache, merlot or even cabernet open up by reproducing all subtleties of the terroir. The Mediterranean climate, which is perfect for the vine, offers a low rainfall and a beautiful sunshine. Also, it can offer a sea wind that brings an inimitable characteritic to the production by contributing to wines with character proposed by La Vendémiaire.

Seemingly harsh and dry at first sight, La Clape is an environment hiding some natural wealth. Indeed, its clay-limestone and filtering soil in combination with a sunny climate and a closeness to the sea, offers perfect conditions for the wine growing.